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Three Days in Amsterdam

The first time I visited Amsterdam was about 6 years ago... ouch, that makes me feel really old. It was during my Christmas break, the year I taught English in Madrid, and it was one of the coldest winters in Amsterdam, or that's what people told me or maybe what I told myself?!

Four Days in Paris

We've been home for a couple weeks now and I can proudly say that I've finally unpacked the last of my travel gear and washed my last load of trip laundry. I'm finally back on a semi-normal sleeping schedule and staying up late enough to hang out with friends.

Four Days in London

Wooaahhh is jetlag a real thing. After 24 of some of the most amazing days on the road, Moses and I are finally back home in Los Angeles with our favorite little sausage, Vienna and hi, we are also the newest members of the early bird special club.

48 Hours in Honolulu

First off, 48 hours in Honolulu definitely is not enough time!! However, since we were already in Maui, LilyMollySteph, and I caught a quick 30-minute Island Air flight to Oahu for a quick food tour, led by me (lol). Trust me when I say we did not have enough time or stomach capacity to tick off even 1/8th of my list.