Mini Cheese Boards with Baked Bijou

It's been a relatively quiet end of the year here on Fix Feast Flair and for that I'm sorry. I've done a terrible job of keeping you up to date on my many fantasy football failings. For the record, I am currently battling for 11th place of 12. So there's that. I haven't told you about the five hundred million cute things Vienna has done over the last few months. I still haven't caught you up on one of the coolest experiences of my life, which was hanging in Copper River Salmon territory with a bunch of awesome bloggers. And I've told you little to nothing about the rest of my life. We started off December in Kaua'i, eating our way through a few towns, taking in the sites, and really doing very little else other than relaxing. After that, I came back and focused on developing more recipes for the cookbook that I've told you very little about, and yes, I'm beginning to see a trend here. And here we are deep in holiday season and I've shared almost nothing that will help you get through these busy weeks. So, today, I'm breaking this year's trend, to share this very quick and stupid easy cheeseboard. 

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