Alfajores Packaging

Christmas music is definitely up my list of December favorites but gift giving is at the top. I LOVE finding that perfect gift for that wonderful someone in my life. Whether it's my best friends, my boyfriend, or my family, I revel in the hunt to find or curate that one magical gift that's perfect for that person in every way. And believe me, gifting those gifts add up quickly. If you're like me and perhaps this is a lean year, the gift of cookies might be a welcome alternative. They say the key to a (wo)man's heart is through her/his stomach and I agree wholeheartedly. Give me a gift card and I'll most certainly say thank you. Give me a batch of homemade cookies and you'll have my heart forever along with a giant hug. And while the cookies are always enough, if you gift them the perfect packaging (I'm a sucker for good packaging), you might just get a double thank you hug! 

To give the gift of Alfajores, I opted for clean, minimal packaging that would really showcase these showstoppers. Here's what you'll need:

Start by using the Alfajores Packaging template and printing as many sheets as necessary (there are 10 labels per sheet). Cut out each label using knife, ruler, and cutting mat, then fold each label in half. This will help you to apply the label to your cello package with ease.

Add one white card board insert to each cello bag and gently place a cookie on card. Roll down the top of the cello bag two to three times, then carefully apply label, back to front, taking backing off of the back first and securing, then applying the front half. Repeat until all cookies have been packaged, then gift away!

Happy cookie gifting!