First Week in Los Angeles + Moving Recap Pt. 2

Last week was a momentous one. We (Moses, Vienna and I) lived our first week in our new place in LA. We (Moses and I, and in some ways Vienna) celebrated three years of calling each other boyfriend and girlfriend--what do you call that? We celebrated our third anniversary of dating or being in a relationship? And we also celebrated Vienna's SEVENTH BIRTHDAY. In between all of that, I unpacked a lot of boxes. I'm talking a lot and in a short amount of time. I've given myself the title, speed unboxer because I'm calling myself a pro at unpacking. Notice how I didn't say I'm a pro at putting things away and finding them their permanent homes. That's not something I'm great at--yet. There's always room for improvement and I'm getting better at that part. So yeah, first week in our new home, anniversary (of sorts) and #asausagenamedvienna's 7th birthday. Talk about a busy week. 


I'm gonna go ahead and give the cliff's notes version of last week because if not, you'd be sitting here reading all day. That or you'd be closing this tab in your browser. Neither sound that appealing so here we go!

  • Unpacked over 50% of our boxes on our first day in LA, running on only a few hours of sleep. I also broke down those boxes and moved them out of the house. #alanaforthewin
  • Discovered that we are close to some awesome spots in our new neighborhood. As in, so close we can walk!! Hooray for not having to give up all SF habits.
  • Visited Sqirl twice in two days--once for breakfast and once for lunch, so technically experienced two very different meals. Get the Crispy Rice Salad with "The Works". Their plum upside down cake and plum financiers are one hundred percent on point. Also, Bon Appetit did a little write up on them that breaks it all down. 
  • Hit up Roy Choi's newest spot called Commissary in the super hip The Line Hotel. A couple notes about it: 
    • The restaurant is in a greenhouse on the pool deck (it's really impressive).
    • Choi serves up a handful of his cocktails in deli cups to bring the kitchen tradition of sipping beverages in deli cups to his customers.
    • You choose your dishes via an illustrated menu broken down into price categories and share them family style. My favorites were the corn, steak and bok choy.
    • Don't forget to check the back of your receipt because it comes with a suprise. Spoiler alert: it's a packet of seeds that you can take home and plant!
  • Made these Carrot Cake Dog Cupcakes for #asausagenamedvienna's 7th. I added a 1/2 cup of mashed bananas and subtracted a 1/2 cup of flour. I may or may not have tried a bite of them to see what the tasted like. If I did try a bite, I wouldn't recommend other humans to do the same. They may or may not taste like unsweetened, dense bricks with mildly sweetened cream cheese. 
  • Throw in more unpacking and that sums up my week. The weekend consisted of much cooler things like visiting the Container Store and Bed Bath and Beyond. 
  • All in all, last week was momentous, hectic, wonderful, and I'm glad it's over.
  • P.s. We finally have internet!!!! So I'm catching up on all my favorites like Molly's Funfetti adventures, the incredible Mooncakes that Cynthia made for Mid-Autumn Festival, Em's Chili-Lime Watermelon Paletas that I wish were chilling in my freezer right now and the showstopper of them all, these Coffee + Beignet Ice Cream Sandwiches from my favorite blonde, Graham.