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Tuna Sushi Rice Boxes

I owe you lots of life updates. We moved to Mar Vista, which is amazing because it’s closer to the ocean (it’s just inland of Venice Beach). I’ve been showing you around via IG stories but I *promise* to do some room by room tours here on the blog soon. My cookbook is in its final stages (eeepppp!!!)—we’re about to go to the printers and I have an official cover and publication date!

Haupia Hand Pies

It's been a little quiet around here and this is why... I'M WRITING A COOKBOOK!!! Can I scream that from the top of Haleakala? Also, is this even real life? The subject is close to my heart; it’ll be all about local Hawaii food, the food of my childhood...

Beef Teriyaki

I never thought I'd be talking about my heritage in this space, but here I go. I am fourth generation Japanese-American, and I am also eleventh or twelfth or maybe even thirteenth generation Danish/Irish/German/and other Northwestern European.

Ahi Poke Bowls

Let's talk about the elephant in the room... how does everyone feel about Kevin Durant becoming a Warrior? Are you pumped for Golden State, crushed for the Thunder, or bummed that he didn't go to your team (like, ahhhhem, the Spurs)?

Furikake Snack Mix

Happy first Monday of Spring! Maybe it was a figment of my imagination, but didn't yesterday feel extra spring-y? It was like every flower decided to come out and bloom, all at the same time. Walking around the neighborhood is gonna be extra heavenly...