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Kate's Tahini Kale Caesar Salad

So far this week, I think I've read about 50, no joke, intros/about this book/how to use this book/tips and tricks/pantry sections/anything else that comes before the recipes in all cookbooks. See, I've got major writer's block. MAJOR.

Kimchi Salmon Poke

Hi, remember me? I know it's been a while, so if you forgot about me, I 100% get it. But I'm back and super pumped because for the next month, I'll be sharing all my fave recipes from loads of new Spring/Summer cookbooks!

Ahi Poke Bowls

Let's talk about the elephant in the room... how does everyone feel about Kevin Durant becoming a Warrior? Are you pumped for Golden State, crushed for the Thunder, or bummed that he didn't go to your team (like, ahhhhem, the Spurs)?

Cheese (+ Meat) Platter 101

If there's one thing my dad's taught me, it's that you should always save room for the cheese course. I, however, took that and ran with it, and frequently make it the only course. And why not, right? I mean, who doesn't love cheeses, meats, and carbs.