Moffles: Two Ways

What are we going to watch now that the Olympics are over? Should I just start catching up on Netflix? While the end of the 2016 Olympic games was a big enough event to mark Sunday as eventful, my day was jam packed and overflowing with all sorts of wow-moments by itself. I started the day sipping my morning coffee in what Moses has dubbed our "urban jungle" corner and breathed in a lot of thankful breaths as I took in our little space. That was followed by a quick recipe shoot (I'll share it later, promise) and then, THEN, two of my favorite bloggers came over and we had a big ole waffle party! Lily, who you guys all know as Kale & Caramel, strolled in with a bag brimming with summer's abundance and Karen, aka 1/3 of HonestlyYum, rolled up with all the fixins for real-life doffles. I mean, talk about a large dose of sunshine. I love these two ladies so much--they both exude so much goodness, you can't help but feel good and inspired when they're around. More on them and all we waffled because while that was a large chunk of why the day was epic, there was more awesomeness later in the day. Our friends text us at the last minute to see if we wanted to check out Yo-Yo Ma and The Silk Road Ensemble at the Hollywood Bowl. I mean, YESSS. And guys, let me just say, they were breathtakingly good. So, yes, yesterday was an important day.

So, back to the waffling. I'll tell you about mine first 'cuz it was the quickest, and because I'm excited to use the word "moffle" as much as possible. It's such a silly sounding word. So what's a moffle? Well, it's a mochi waffle, duhhh (jk about the duhhh). And while you can make your own mochi batter/dough, you can also take the quick approach like I did and pick up some packaged cut mochi squares (rectangles?) from the store! After that, all you'll need is a waffle iron, some cooking spray, and all the toppings your heart desires. Since I couldn't decide if I wanted to go sweet or savory, I opted not to choose and instead make both. For the sweet version, I waffled one mochi square for 5 minutes then promptly topped it with azuki (sweet red bean), a scoop of vanilla ice cream, sliced strawberries, and a dusting of matcha sugar. For my savory waffle, I decided to riff off of one of my favorite snacks, spam musubi! I panfried the spam, then dressed it in some shoyu sugar goodness! For the waffle, I split a slice in half and sprinkled a healthy dose of furikake (dried seaweed seasoning) in between the two slices before waffling them for the same amount of time as the savory waffle, 5 minutes. The results for both? Crunchy outsides, gooey insides. The only thing to note when moffling, you've got to eat them immediately. Just like when you panfry mochi. If you wait too long, you lose that gooey inside and are stuck with just crispy outside, kinda crispy inside.  

 photo by  kale & caramel  (thanks, lily!)

photo by kale & caramel (thanks, lily!)

And it's not a waffle party unless everyone waffles, and also brings their own waffle iron, lol, so up next is Lily's summery caprese waffles. You're probably thinking holy dachshund, how can I make these? Well, start with her cornmeal basil waffle batter, which pssst, is loaded with chunks of parmesan, waffle it up, then top with her quick and easy caprese salad. Yum. Or genius. Either word works. 

And then because you can't have moffle without doffle, Karen made blueberry buttermilk donut waffles. Okay, so maybe she didn't make them just because one should always use the words moffles and doffles in the same sentence, but instead made them because they're amazing and should be shared and made often. Or maybe she made them because sprinkles should always be invited to the breakfast table. Whatever the reason, they're so bright and beautiful and donut waffles are definitely party worthy.  

 Photo by  Kale & Caramel
 Photo by  Kale & Caramel

Ps - Today's post doesn't contain an actual recipe, so scroll back up if you wanna reread the how-tos of moffling. And head over to Kale & Caramel for all the deets on caprese waffles and then jump over to HonestlyYum for all the blueberry buttermilk doffle info. 

Pss - Happy Monday! Woot. This is gonna be a good week. I just know it.