Mini Bites - Three Ways + a Giveaway!

I can't seem to figure out what time it really is. After a few weeks of timezone hopping, I'm a bit confused. And I will therefore continue to blame my tardiness on my travels for the next week or so. That sounds fair right? Between hitting up the east coast and stopping back in Los Angeles for a minute, then jaunting over to O'ahu to see two of the best looking and funnest (let's pretend that's a real word) people on the planet get married and now back again to LA, I'm just the tiniest bit jet-lagged and maybe even a little hungover. But gosh am I happy. So happy. Especially because I was finally reunited with my favorite mini dachshund, #asausagenamedvienna. And I'll have to tell you more about O'ahu and how I'd be lying if I said that I wasn't insanely flattered by the fact that the groom's cousin thought I was Zooey Deschanel (although, tbh, it was probably just because I have bangs and wear Harry Potter glasses when I can't see). 

But on to the here and now, and gosh, is it really Monday? Thank goodness it is because man oh man have I been looking forward to sharing this post with you... 'cuz it's about all things MINI!! I'm over on KitchenAid's blog, Kitchenthusiast, sharing three recipes to help kick off the launch of their new Artisan® Mini (yes, MINI) Stand Mixer. And goodness gracious am I excited about it. I happen to be a lover of all things mini and when I first saw the new mini stand mixer with Steph in Tennessee, I couldn't contain my excitement. I literally SQUEEEDDDD. We're talking embarrassingly loud ohhhh eemmmm geeesss and eeeeeees. Needless to say I'm pretty gosh darn excited to share three ways to minify your party bites using the new mini stand mixer. 

Not only is it cute, but it's pretty darn powerful. In fact, although it's mini (and it is, it's only 3.5 qt!!), it's got the same motor as the KitchenAid® Classic™ Stand Mixer, so basically you're saving on counter-space and adding more cute to your kitchen. I used my mini (the color is Honeydew, btw) to make these chive and black pepper gougères, to whip up mini meringues for mini eton messes, and to make chive fettuccini for mini pasta bites. And I mean, to be fair, none of these foods had to be minified because the mixer is quite capable of making big, normal-sized foods, but come on, where's the fun in that? MINI EVERYTHING!!! Amiright!?

Ps - GUESS WHAT? I've got a surprise for you... KitchenAid is letting me give one lucky winner a brand new Artisan® Mini Stand Mixer of their own (and yes, you can choose your own color). All you've got to do is head to my Instagram, follow me if you're not already following me, make sure you're following KitchenAid there too, and leave a comment telling me what you'd make with your new MINI STAND MIXER!!! Ahhhh! This giveaway is open to US residents only and the winner will be chosen at random at noon (PST) on June 8, 2016. Ok, go go go and good luck!!

Pss - Yes, sorry, you've got to head over to Instagram to enter. :D