Olive Oil Ice Cream Sundaes + GIVEAWAY!

On days like today, all I wanna do is shout out my gratitude from the mountaintop. I AM GRATEFUL. LIFE IS GOOD. Cause it is, it really is. I came down with another terrible flu. I'm talking fever with chills, sweats, body aches, and an evil cough, but I powered through it and am thrilled to be out on the other side of it. Health is one of those things that you always, always take for granted until it's gone or in jeopardy. I have a renewed appreciation for mine. Bless up. Yesterday was so warm and the sun felt like it washing over me to restore my body. Vienna is happy as a clam because there's nothing she loves more than a good dose of vitamin d.

And on top of all that goodness, the days are getting longer!! I love starting and ending the day with some light. There's nothing harder than waking up in the dark and working 'til it's dark again. I can't wait for warm 8 pm sunsets, dinners outside, lots of good grilling, and lazy summer days as a whole but until then, I'm just thankful that the days are just a little longer. While putting that extra hour between myself and my family and friends in Hawaii always hurts (we're now back to three hours time difference), I'd say it's a small price to pay for all the good that daylight savings time brings to the table.

Speaking of warm, sunny days, they are perfect for ice cream!! There's nothing brighter and uplifting than ice cream and this olive oil ice cream takes the cake. Pair it with candied kumquats and vanilla bean whipped cream, and you've got the sunshiniest sundae there ever was. Be sure to head over to Kitchenthusiast for the recipes! While I loved each and every step, I have to admit the most exciting part for me was making the whipped cream because it was sooooo easy with my KitchenAid® Pro Line® Series 5-Speed Cordless Hand Blender. I pretty much want to whip, blend, chop all the things with it. And guess what?! I'm teaming up with KitchenAid to give one away to one lucky reader! Just scroll down to enter. The contest ends Thursday, March 24, 2016 at midnight, so be sure to enter before then!

Ps - FFF got a little makeover! Hope you like it. 😊