Lychee Lemonade

Cheehoo (say it like you'd say woohoo), it's Aloha Friday!!! If you've been following along this week, you know that today's the last day of FFF's week-long ode to Hawaiian food. I'm ending the week with my non-traditional tribute to Hawaii, Lychee Lemonade! While you probably won't find this at a luau, it is near and dear to my heart and very reminiscent of my childhood growing up in Maui.

When I was about eight or so, I definitely had my own lemonade stand, well, rather, one of my best friends, who also happened to be my neighbor and I had a lemonade stand. We set up shop on the side of the road, usually on her side of the road (she lived across the street from me) and sold lemonade and baked goodies. We jammed out with our little boomboxes and generally ruled the summers and weekends together, bringing lemonade to all parched walkers and drivers! Lemonade and pink lemonade were definitely our biggest sellers, and man did we (feel like we) raked it in (dollar dollar bills, y'all). Essentially, we were the queens of summer (and weekends)!

However, I kinda wish that I could go back in time and tell my eight-year-old self that lychee lemonade was really where it was at, since my eight-year-old-self clearly didn't understand how lucky she was to grow up with an abundance of tropical and exotic fruits like lychee and liliko'i (passionfruit), not to mention papaya and pineapples. And in hindsight, Maui gave us the most epic ingredients that totally would have propelled our lemonade stand to national or even international fame. Alas, I guess I'll just have to comfort myself with a good old, better late than never. And with that, I give you the lemonade that would have killed it back in '93. 

P.s. If you've loved this series but are thinking, where's the dessert, check back on Sunday, I might have a little surprise! :D :D :D

Lychee Lemonade



  • 25 fresh lychee
  • Juice of 2 medium lemons
  • 1 1/2 - 2 tsp. granulated sugar
  • 2 c. chilled, purified water
  • Lemon and blood orange sliced wedges (for garnish)
  • Large ice cubes (I used this mold)


  • Blender
  • Pitcher
  • Cups
  • Citrus juicer
  • Long handled mixing spoon
  • Fine mesh sieve


  1. Peel lychee and remove and discard seeds. 
  2. Place lychee flesh in blender container, cover and blend on high until smooth.
  3. Add lemon juice, sugar, and water and blend until thoroughly combined.
  4. If you do not like pulp, strain mixture through a fine mesh sieve. 
  5. Serve either in a pitcher or glasses with large ice cubes. If mixture separates, simply stir with a long handled mixing spoon. Enjoy!

Note: This lychee lemonade would be super served up with kalua pig and cabbagechicken long riceshoyu ahi poke, lomi salmon, white rice, and a giant bowl of poi if you can find it!