Two Days in Malta

YAYYYYYYY!! I'm back!! Never did I ever think that I'd miss Los Angeles as much as I did, but here I am hugging the extra warm and somewhat humid LA air, forgiving it for being just that, hot and humid, and thanking it for hugging me back. After 10 days in Europe filled with lots of laughter, countless Italian wines, and mountains of food, I'm back, stateside, and so grateful for all the picturesque days spent in Tuscany (more on that later) and TWO whole days in Malta (!!). I've got loads to share about Tuscany but for now, can I tell you about Malta? I'm already missing my morning walks with Molly and our Malta tour guide extraordinaire, Brian. And gelato. I'm missing that, too.

Have you ever been to Malta? Did you even know this tiny country existed? Well, it does! And it's home to the King's Landing bridge that Catelyn Stark and Sir Rodrik rode in on (I hope you're all big Game of Thrones fans like me), heavenly Maltese pasta pies called timpana, and Fontanella's Tea Garden, aka the land of good views and mountains of cake. It's also filled with a million colors, Baroque architecture galore, and a great many orange tabby cats (they're everywhere guys, and they look well fed!). You can order an Aperol Spritz at almost any cafe, bar, or restaurant and enjoy some quality people watching in Valletta but I highly recommend you make it a point to visit Mdina, think King's Landing and cakes, Dingli to see the cliffs and dine at my favorite restaurant in Malta, Diar il-Bniet, and Gozo to see the Azure window, aka where Daenerys and Khal Drogo got married, and maybe snorkel. Also, not a big deal but worth noting, if you're planning on visiting for, oh, idk, two days, like us, avoid Sunday!! Valletta felt like a ghost town and many restaurants were either closed or had strange hours. And that's it for Malta! I know, it that was a quick summary but so was our trip! Happy Friday, friends! I've missed you guys!