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Three Days in Amsterdam

The first time I visited Amsterdam was about 6 years ago... ouch, that makes me feel really old. It was during my Christmas break, the year I taught English in Madrid, and it was one of the coldest winters in Amsterdam, or that's what people told me or maybe what I told myself?!

Four Days in Paris

We've been home for a couple weeks now and I can proudly say that I've finally unpacked the last of my travel gear and washed my last load of trip laundry. I'm finally back on a semi-normal sleeping schedule and staying up late enough to hang out with friends.

Four Days in London

Wooaahhh is jetlag a real thing. After 24 of some of the most amazing days on the road, Moses and I are finally back home in Los Angeles with our favorite little sausage, Vienna and hi, we are also the newest members of the early bird special club.

A Week in Tuscany with DaVinci Wine

Remember a few weeks ago when I told you that I was going to Italy? Well, I’m back and can I please start by telling you how lucky I feel? I mean, it’s not every day that you’re able to wake up in a Casale di Valle in Vinci, look out your bedroom window and watch the sun rise over rows and rows of perfectly manicured grape vines…