005: Bee Raw

I really can't even begin to explain how upset I am about the way time seems to be evaporating into thin air as of late. I'd like to know where the days go when they're over. That being said, I'd also like to thank my lucky stars, because, in the scheme of things, life is good and if the days speeding by is the worst of my problems, well, gosh, I'm a lucky lady. Yesterday was perfectly gloomy and today will be great rain or shine. And I'm feeling so inspired... by...

  • Phyllis Grant. Goodness does this woman know how to write the crap out of anything. I've never been so inspired to go out and buy a book than I was after reading her review for the first round of Food52's The Piglet. In fact, last night, about 30 seconds after I finished reading Phyllis' judgment, I hopped on Amazon and next day'd The Food Lab. I know what I'm doing this afternoon! Phyllis, please know that I am already counting down the days till your first cookbook comes out. You inspire me and I thank you for that.
  • Cat Map. There's a Cat Street View Map (think Google Maps but from a cat's perspective) for Hiroshima, Japan, and I've never wanted to speak/read/know Japanese more than I did when I test drove this map.
  • Mézesmanna. WHUT. Most incredible royal icing art I've ever seen.
  • Paris Waters. If you know me, you know I like my jewelry dainty and gold. This necklace takes me back to Paris every time I put it on. All I need now is a croissant and a glass of fresh oj. 
  • Cast Iron. It's no secret I'm obsessed with cast iron cooking and I thought this article had some good tips and tricks for cast iron newbies. 
  • Lovely Lady Lunch. I love a good series and this one has my name all over it. Also, kimchi fried rice forever.
  • Green Monster. Say hello to your (and my) new favorite bloody mary. Holy Toledo, Todd, you've just killed the bloody game.
  • Banana Bread. I'm a firm believer that banana bread can turn a bad day into a good one. This bread is so pretty that it might ever cure a bad week. (Also, that pan is the prettiest!)
  • Animals Eating. LOL. Say what you will but I definitely chuckled loudly. That kangaroo jump? Slay.
  • Meryl Streep. Also kinda silly, but feels kinda important at the same time. 
  • Intelligent Parking. Chair. Intelligent Parking Chair!!!! Moses shared this with me the other day and I'm still super excited about it. Brilliant.
  • Bee Raw. While I may be a wussy little girl when it comes to bees buzzing around me, I can't help but love them for all they do for us and our planet. And yes, of course, I'm super grateful for their honey!

I have a confession, I eat honey every day. Not crazy amounts of it, but a little here and there. I start my morning with an almond latte and always add a little drizzle of honey to it. I add a bit of honey to my afternoon yogurt and I love mixing it into vinaigrettes. It's definitely one of my favorite sweeteners. Which is why when I found Bee Raw, I happy danced. I love everything this company stands for. They believe "that small indulgences should be enjoyed daily." I do too!! And I love that they are all about creating a socially and environmentally sustainable product, that product being insanely delicious honey sourced from either wild or organic floral sources. My two current favorite Bee Raw honey varieties are Raw North Carolina Sourwood and Raw Colorado Sweet Yellow Clover Honey and I love you can find the apiary location, floral source, and various pairing notes on the Bee Raw site. OBSESSED. Happy Friday, hunnays. :D

 Huge thanks to  Bee Raw  for making my days so much sweeter. Ps - I'm super obsessed with their  butchwax !!

Huge thanks to Bee Raw for making my days so much sweeter. Ps - I'm super obsessed with their butchwax!!