004: Yummy World

My goodness was yesterday a heart and gut wrenching day thanks to the Eddie. I had chills every single time any of the guys caught a wave and felt my heat shoot up into my throat whenever one of the guys got rocked. I'm sure everyone was streaming the Eddie yesterday, but if you weren't and haven't heard of it, let me take a minute to tell you about it. The Quiksilver in Memory of Eddie Aikau is pretty much the Daytona 500 of big wave surfing. The competition named for the late, great Eddie Aikau, doesn't happen every year because the waves at Waimea Bay have to be at least 20 to 30, they need to stay consistent for at least 8 hours, and this all needs to line up somewhere in the 90 day window. That's why it's only been held 9 times in the last 31 years. Huge props to all the guys who competed yesterday and bravo John John Florence for his much deserved win! And now, this week's fixations!

  • View From A Blue Moon. After watching John John Florence surf the Eddie yesterday and accept his award proved that greatness and humbleness can coexist. I am in awe of John John's grace and modesty and cannot wait to watch his new film, View From A Blue Moon. 
  • 10 Beaches. I believe I grew up visiting some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, but I haven't seen any of these and gosh do they look pretty. 
  • The Piglet. Food52's tournament of books is back and the first round has started!
  • Seltzer. Is seltzer bad for you--I didn't even know this was a question people asked. However, The Kitchn has dispelled 5 myths surrounding seltzer. 
  • SunnySide. Say hello to the cutest way to start your day!
  • 0:26. VIENNA, do you do this? Tell me. 
  • Lounging Bag. So necessary.
  • Car Karaoke. So I thought I liked Chris Martin just fine until I watched this episode of Car Karaoke and then I realized I really like Chris Martin. <3
  • 106. This darling woman met the President and First Lady and goodness gracious was it cute.
  • Pretzel Waffles. Um, YESSS. 
  • Tapioca. Forever. Fun fact, or maybe not, but I love tapioca and rice pudding. Both with lots of cinnamon but this tapioca sounds too good to change.
  • Babka Rolls. I love me some babka, but babka ROLLS? Yes. Please. Thank you. I'll. Take. 10.
  • Yummy World. Kid Robot makes some of the coolest toys for adults and Yummy World has got to be the cutest collection they make. Think a town called Sprinkle Tree filled with adorable friends like Karl Ketchup, Peggy Popcorn, Cha-Cha Chili Pepper, and Soft Serve Sally. Well that is the magical Yummy World and I'm OBSESSED.

True story, Vienna has a toy box filled with at least 20 toys, all of which Moses threatens to throw away every single time he comes home and finds them all over the house. And yet the minute MY toys arrived, she immediately tried to steal them. Sorry, V, I love you, but Yummy World belongs to mom. I mean yes, my bed needs a giant stuffed strawberry and you better believe I'm carrying my pens around in the world's most adorable hot dog. While my chili pepper and ice cream scoops got a little drooly, thanks to my tiny little bandit, I'm planning on attaching them to my carry-on to spread some Yummy cheer whenever I hit up the airport. Oh, and Moses, I'm warning you now, I think I found another food related item to start collecting. Guess we'll be needing that second office sooner than later... :D :D :D

Happy Friday, guys!!

 Ps - Huge thanks to my friends at  Yummy World  for making all my Yummy dreams come true!!

Ps - Huge thanks to my friends at Yummy World for making all my Yummy dreams come true!!